Sesame Street Visits the Hospital

A Sesame Street classic from 1990 – When Big Bird wakes up feeling sick, Maria takes him to the hospital. Big Bird is pretty frightened at first, but he soon learns that everyone there is working to make him feel better. With everyone’s help, Big Bird discovers that the hospital isn’t so scary after all, and he makes a healthy return home to all his friends.

From the box:

“Note to Parents: The hospital can be a very frightening place for young children, but visiting or staying in the hospital need not be traumatic if children are prepared for the experience. By openly discussing the hospital environment, what to expect there, and your child’s specific concerns, you can help alleviate his or her fears. This entertaining and reassuring video will help show children what a hospital is and what to expect when they or those they love stay there.”

The video is out of print, but it’s on YouTube. Come along with Big Bird as the doctors and nurses give him a blood test, an x-ray, and his own special ID bracelet. (30 minutes total.)

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