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From our friends at CollegePlus…

Why a Degree Won’t Help You Get a Job

Employers aren’t looking for another “good student.” They don’t want someone who only knows how to show up to class on time and how to write a 25-page paper on the importance of Edgar Allen Poe’s The Raven.

You can’t show an employer how hard you worked. You can only tell them what you accomplished.

So how can you prove you’re more than just another hopeful candidate? This ebook, How to Find Your Dream Job in the 21st Century Marketplace, will help you with just that.

Download the Ebook

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Inside, you’ll find the exact steps you should take when preparing for a future job, career, and success.

Seriously, this thing is packed with information. Probably more than you can use right now. Read the whole thing and pick out the steps which resonate the most with you. Then DO THEM.

You’ve got what it takes to show your potential.

Abigail Hope Endsley
On behalf of the CollegePlus team

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