Homeschooling Teen Magazine – June 2015

sparky-tee-thThe June issue of Homeschooling Teen Magazine is online!

In the spotlight this month is Chad Burns, a homeschool graduate with a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering who is now a movie director. (Watch for “Beyond the Mask” in theaters starting June 5th!) This issue also features five homeschool-friendly colleges to keep your eye on. View an interactive timeline on the history of communications from the printing press to social media. Find out how to finish up a degree in two semesters or less. Learn about homeschooling around the world. See how parents are resorting to homeschooling when their children are being bullied at school, a big problem for kids of all ages but especially teens.

Also don’t miss Narrelle’s article on the Rwandan Genocide, or Sherah’s Culture Column in which she reports on the new Indian Heritage Centre in Singapore. Be sure to read Rachel’s devotional on “Fear of Falling” and Hannah’s poem on “Summer Nights.” Should you ever need to stay up all night, Alisha has some great tips on how to stay awake. Olyvea and Ethan give advice on breaking up, love at first sight, and kittens. There are articles on 3 French films, 2 animes, and 2 book reviews. Finally, keep busy this summer with fun STEM projects and addicting apps.

View this month’s magazine online at

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