Beyond The Mask in Theaters Now

BEYOND THE MASK is the ambitious moviemaking project of homeschooled cousins Chad Burns (director) and Aaron Burns (producer). When they first met with writer Paul McCusker, the creative force behind Adventures In Odyssey, Paul quickly signed on to the idea: “It was a swashbuckling action-adventure romance set in 1776. How could I say no?”

From there, the movie became a Kickstarter campaign in the summer of 2011 with 475 backers involved. Knowing they had a shooting budget, pre-production began with hundreds of construction and costume-sewing volunteers working to create an authentic Colonial look for the movie.

To produce the quality film they hoped to achieve, they hired a variety of skilled professionals in the field. With stars Andrew Cheney, Kara Killmer, and John Rhys-Davies, filming began in Michigan in September of 2012. Fifteen months of post-production (mainly special effects) followed, giving the movie a true blockbuster cinematic feel. In April 2014, BEYOND THE MASK was completed.

One year later, BEYOND THE MASK released as an on-demand showing in 601 theaters. More than 70,000 people experienced these special premieres, breaking all records for an on-demand release. Now BEYOND THE MASK is opening on June 5, 2015, in select theaters as a traditional release, with multiple showings each day for the next week.

With a successful opening weekend (Friday, June 5–Sunday, June 7), it will then play longer in these first 100 theaters and likely open in new ones! Start the summer off with a bang by seeing BEYOND THE MASK! Learn more about the movie and the homeschool family behind the making of BEYOND THE MASK at

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