The Great Bible Race Game

Thought I’d share with you this e-mail I received the other day…

Dear Home School Association Director,

I would like to take the opportunity to introduce The Great Bible Race, a groundbreaking new Bible study tool and video game. Be prepared to be amazed.

This extraordinary Bible study tool features the world’s largest and most complete collection of Bible knowledge questions — more than 18,000. The game is a unique and engaging approach to studying the Bible and will offer the homeschooler an exciting new way to explore the world’s holiest and most read book. It will also bring the homeschooler’s entire family together for hours of excitement, friendly competition and spirited Bible activity.

Numerous Christian denominations and pastors have endorsed the game, which is also a phenomenal fundraising tool. I believe this will be an excellent tool for your association to generate needed capital while providing members with a powerful addition to their religious knowledge library. Retailers generally price the game anywhere from $39 to $59. We wholesale the game to homeschool associations at $19.99 without any minimum order requirements.

The game, which includes a complete audio/digital KJV Bible, is changing the way both young and old learn and interact with the Bible. We are truly excited about the prospect of a partnership between your association and the Great Bible Race, and look forward to working with you to bring this invaluable study tool to your association and its members.

We are eager to answer any questions you may have, so please call us at 800-470-8948 or email us at Our highly skilled sales team is standing by and ready to provide additional information or take your order. In the meantime, please review the attached materials and visit our website at and subscribe here for more homeschool updates.

Melvin Claxton
President and CEO
Epic 4D LLC
P.O. Box 6848
Detroit, Michigan 48202

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