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Dear caring parent:

Middle school math, especially algebra, is one of the most difficult subjects to teach well. Over many years and with the help of dozens of educators and animators, we have created a program many are calling “the Rolls Royce of math instruction.” For a limited time, you can try it out at no cost, including the Teacher Print Apps. See for yourself, and tell us if you don’t agree that the depth and caliber of this math course is unsurpassed.

Lewis Hall, CEO

elevatedmathHow Elevated Math is Used

Homeschooling – Two years of instruction, with 173 lessons and thousands of .pdf files, cover basic math through Algebra 1. Lessons are arranged in a recommended order, but can be rearranged to suit student and parent needs. Children as young as 8 years old have benefited.

Unschooling – Students learn at their own pace, swiping back if they don’t understand a problem or concept or swiping forward if they do. They use Elevated Math to catch up or get ahead.

Intervention – Students watch lessons to suppliment instruction. Sometimes it just takes a student to hear an explanation expressed in a different way to grasp the concept.

SAT/ACT Prep – Relevant lessons are bundled separately in the in-app purchase app. Watching these videos will boost scores.

Flipped home classes – Students watch Elevated Math lessons on their own and then work together with a parent on the problems.

The lessons are fun and students will love math! Help them catch up or get ahead this summer.

There are 120+ hours of instruction in the Elevated Math App with 70+ hours of quality animation, the largest content filled app in the iTunes Store and the largest mathematics scope and sequence to date.

Also included in Elevated Math are a series of career-oriented live-action videos that answer the frequent question: “Why do we need to learn this stuff?” These short documentaries focus on individuals who are using math in their jobs and include a jazz musician, a stunt pilot, an animator, a landscape architect, a chocolatier, and fifteen others.

How to Get Started

Download the app from the iTunes Store. It’s free and includes two complimentary lessons and one complimentary career video. Lessons, modules, and bundles are à la carte. Works on the iPad and iPhone. Includes a full Scope & Sequence.

Download the Teacher Print App for Number Sense, Measurement, Geometry and the Algebra Print App. Thousands of worksheets, test keys, and teacher notes are included. This too is free (only for a short period of time). Thousands are taking advantage of this opportunity. Don’t be left out!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why the cartoon intros? Do we need to use them?

Answer: No. You don’t need to show the cartoons, but they engage your students. Also, because many students are intimidated by math, the cartoons help allay their fears, relaxing them so they can focus better on learning the concepts.

2. Why all the voices?

Answer: Dialogue holds students’ attention better than one voice. The characters keep students focused on the lessons. Also, the characters pose questions that a student might not feel comfortable asking.

3. How does Elevated Math help a homeschooling parent?

Answer: It reduces the workload and enhances the instruction, leaving more time for lesson planning and other subjects.

Find out more at www.elevatedmath.com

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