How to Film a Wedding

Tomorrow’s Filmmakers have just completed a 5-Part Video Training Lesson on How to Film a Wedding. They call it Wedding Cinematography, Parts 1-5. These training videos will teach you just about everything you need to know about how to film a wedding! The lessons include:

  • Planning and Building Relationships Before the Big Day
  • Getting the Pre-Ceremony Shots and B-Roll
  • Filming the Actual Wedding Ceremony
  • The Reception (What to Do and What Not to Do)
  • How to Edit the Wedding Video

At the end of Part 5, How to Edit the Wedding Video there are three actual wedding videos that will give you some examples of different and creative ways to film a wedding in a variety of different settings and circumstances.

Part 4, The Reception, can be viewed on their homepage (scroll about halfway down) as an example of what they have to offer.

Want to watch more filmmaking lessons? Sign up for a 30 Day FREE Trial to Tomorrow’s Filmmakers. You’ll get a whole month for free! (After that it’s only $27/month, and you can cancel anytime.)

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