Homeschooling Teen – August Issue

The August issue of Homeschooling Teen magazine is online!

sparky-tee-thThis month we’re featuring some talented homeschooling teen filmmakers from South Carolina and their award-winning videos! Can’t decide on a degree or a career? Learn about “4 Great Ways to Narrow Down a Major” and “Six of the Fastest Growing Fields to Consider.” If you dream of medical school but your favorite college doesn’t have a pre-med program, don’t worry. Any number of majors can prepare you for medical school, as explained in the article titled “Have Med School Dreams? 6 Stellar Degree Paths to Consider.” With so many homeschool-friendly colleges to choose from, it can be difficult to decide on the best one for you. Be sure to read “The Right Education: How to Choose Your College after Homeschool.”

Also in this issue: Olyvea and Ethan give their usual great advice, Nick has a tribute article in memory of Satoru Iwata, Narrelle wrote a report on the Islamic State, and Sherah tells about the Ultraman Symphony Concert. Be sure to read Millie’s facts about God, Rachel’s devotional “Thinking About Storms,” and Hannah’s poem titled “Our Song.” Read reviews of A Letter to Momo, Let’s Create Pottery, The Sound of Diamonds, and Unbroken (Young Adult Adaptation). Plus, you can read a short fairytale written by one of our readers. See also: “Seven Habits of Highly Motivated People,” “Top Online Tools to Inspire Summer Learning,” and more! View this month’s magazine at

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