Homeschool Resources: Voice of the Martyrs/Kids of Courage

The Voice of the Martyrs has been providing unique, age appropriate Christian resources for homeschoolers and Christian school teachers since 1996.

Voice of the Martyrs/Kids of Courage specialize in producing materials for teaching children about different countries around the world from a Christian worldview; in particular, countries where Christianity is restricted and Christians are persecuted.

TIP: Prepare a presentation on one country or topic by entering a country, religion, or other search term in the “Search KOC” box at to find all the stories, activities, and videos related to that topic on the site.

Some of their free resources include:

  • Downloadable Bold Believers country books, each featuring one country. The books have stories, activities, recipes, games, puzzles, prayer points, coloring pages, skits, and more material suitable for use in group settings. They also provide supplementary material for geography, missions, social studies, and current events curriculums.
  • Country information including facts about the history and religions of more than 50 different countries, as well as Beliefs Navigator that compares various religions with biblical Christian beliefs.
  • Learning About Islam, a 60-page book that helps kids’ workers teach kids about Islam from a Christian worldview.
  • Video clips from around the world.
  • Skits and plays that teach about Christian persecution in age-appropriate ways.
  • Additional materials including lesson plans and activities.
  • Project opportunities to help and pray for persecuted Christians.
  • Beliefs Navigator featuring more than 40 charts comparing the beliefs and traditions of biblical Christianity with those of other religions.
  • Parents, teachers, and children enjoy the Kids of Courage blog featuring Christians around the world, school report ideas, crafts, activities, and feedback from readers. In addition, the Persecution blog shares powerful stories and timely information for teens and adults.
  • In the VOM Classroom, self-paced open-access courses will guide you through persecution studies, an innovative way to become informed and involved in ministry to the persecuted church.

Items available for purchase at include:

  • Torchlighters animated DVDs about real-life Christian heroes who withstood persecution (in English and Spanish).
  • “Underground Reality” DVDs for teens about American youth who traveled to Colombia and Vietnam to meet with persecuted Christians.
  • Letter writing kits to help kids write letters to Christian prisoners around the world.
  • A $30 Kids of Courage VBS curriculum full of ideas and activities for kids’ groups. (See

Go to for information about requesting a VOM speaker for your group.

For information about additional resources and opportunities, please check the VOM/KOC websites.


Fantastic Resource!! (Bold Believers – Iraq) I am teaching sixth graders at a homeschool co-op about Muhammad, and Arabic, and Islam. What a valuable resource I have found here! Thank you for the creativity, research and wisdom that went into this particular volume. I’m sure the others are just as enlightening, and I can’t wait to use and share them! — Christa G.

“As we study ancient Rome and the early persecuted church, my seventh grade class at Perimeter Christian School uses information from The Voice of the Martyrs regarding the modern persecuted church. This year the students created a large hallway poster to raise awareness of the persecuted church within our school.

I first heard about VOM when I began homeschooling my children. After couple of years, I got brave and decided to teach my first “Bold Believers” class in our homeschool co-op. It was a huge hit! Over the course of several years, with children ranging from 9 to 17, we’ve studied Bangladesh, Vietnam, India, Colombia, China and the Uygur people. [We have used] VOM books, the Bold Believers’ Activity Books, VOM websites, and VOM DVDs. — Laura S.

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