Johnny Appleseed

Autumn is prime apple season. It seems fitting, then, that John Chapman (a.k.a. Johnny Appleseed) was born in the fall on September 26th, 1774. He was a humble Christian nurseryman from Massachusetts. As Johnny headed west across the frontier as a missionary planting spiritual seeds, he also planted many apple seeds. The seeds and saplings that he gave away to local Indians and settlers helped to build the orchards of the Midwest.

Johnny always cut his apples in half across the middle of the apple because he told the people, “There’s a little bit of heaven in every bite.” If you cut your apple like Johnny did, you will see the star in the middle of the apple. Don’t forget to celebrate Johnny’s birthday and eat an apple cut the way Johnny did! If you like apples, you will enjoy the apple recipes, activities, books and websites at the following link:

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