FREE eBook for Parents of Teens

Over the past decade, pop culture has become the primary influence on teenagers’ lives. It’s discipling them and teaching them how to live. Parents need to talk to their kids about pop culture because pop culture is circumventing their influence as parents.

The Axis Team has created a 55-page eBook to support parents. How To Talk With Your Kids About Pop Culture not only explores current chart-topping hits and trends, but also gives parents the information they need to disciple their children. The eBook has a five star rating on Amazon!

The Kindle edition of How To Talk With Your Kids About Pop Culture is only $6.99, but the Axis Team would like to present you with a FREE copy!

Download Now!

(They ask for your name and e-mail, and they will also send you a series of short videos, but there’s no catch and you can unsubscribe at any time.)

Axis is a worldview ministry to students ages 11 to 22. A monthly subscription to Axis Virtual delivers compelling and academically challenging worldview content via the internet for use in your family’s homeschool curriculum to help you start meaningful conversations with your teenager(s) about life, technology, faith, and the Christian worldview. Axis also provides FREE weekly culture newsletters as well as live training for homeschool groups, schools, and churches. To learn more about Axis, click here.

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