Should New Zealand Change the Design of its Flag?

For several decades there has been ongoing debate about changing the New Zealand flag. Eight reasons are given for having a new flag.

The flag of New Zealand with the Union Jack in the corner and four red stars representing the Southern Cross.

The British Union Jack (above) once symbolized the reach of a powerful empire, but it may soon yield to a delicate silver fern (below) on New Zealand’s flag.

The fern has become a national symbol of New Zealand, making this new flag design the most popular one.

See all of the top flag design finalists as well as some of the rejected flag designs here: (Including bizarre ones like a kiwi bird shooting a green laser beam from its eye, and a stick drawing of a deranged cat!)

Would you like to see the current New Zealand flag replaced with the Silver Fern flag? If you could design your own flag, what would it look like?

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