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Need a low-cost curriculum change? Try this offer from Compass Classroom!

compass-classroomDrumroll, please….

We’d like to introduce you to our newest friend, Streaming Monthly Subscriptions(We hope you’ll like her.)

The idea came from watching our wives buy curriculum each year. They have to spend a lot of money every summer on new curriculum packages – some of which might not even work. This means that, later in the year, they may have to fork out more money for a replacement. (Insert weeping and gnashing of teeth.)

We want to help solve this problem with our new monthly subscriptions. Here’s the plan:

  • Pay a small amount monthly instead of a big amount every summer.
  • Get 7 bundled products at one monthly price or choose individual products.
  • Access the videos on all Internet-capable devices.
  • Pay for only as long as you subscribe to the curriculum. (In other words, cancel anytime.)

So if you want to try something new with your kids, here’s a great way to get started:

Try any subscription for $1 for the first month!

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