Introduction to Physical Geography – Online Textbook

title pageThe Physical Environment is one of the first totally online physical geography learning environments. This well-written introductory textbook is offered on the web by Michael Ritter, Professor of Geography at the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point. Students and educators will find 21 chapters equipped with text, images, animations, audio, and video that deliver the subject matter content. At the end of each chapter there are review questions, a self-assessment quiz, an overview of important terms and concepts, and links to additional resources.

The potential of the World Wide Web to bring remote places to our digital devices, and its ability to interlink bits of information, breathes fresh life into physical geography. The student can explore in greater depth than ever before the physical world from their desktop or mobile device. The multimedia environment enables new and different ways to interact with educational content, while hyperlinked resources are updated to stay abreast of the latest developments. (Many of the older links are being replaced with newer links.)

The Physical Environment covers the essentials of geography, the atmosphere, energy, temperature, oceans, weather and climate, groundwater, soils, biomes, landforms, volcanic processes, weathering and erosion, rivers, glaciers, sand dunes, and coasts.

National Council for Geographic Education
2011 Geography Excellence in Media Award winner

… an amazing resource…
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… goes beyond the standards set by a printed textbook…”
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“... a great resource for anyone interested in the physical world.
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