April 5th is Read a Road Map Day

how-to-read-a-road-mapApril 5th is National Read a Road Map Day! This special day is observed annually, reminding us to take some time to sharpen our map reading skills. A sense of direction, an idea of scale, and a map are essential if you really want to get where you wish to go.

These days, with the use of GPS and voice commands, people are missing out on one of the most fun parts of travel – the experience of finding your way. Navigation is a “use-it-or-lose-it” skill. Whether or not you prefer the new technologies, having an old-fashioned road map and knowing how to decipher it comes in handy when batteries fail, or when your GPS or phone can’t get a signal.

It’s never too early to become familiar with the concept of road maps. For young children, few things are as interesting as a road rug or car play mat! Visit this DIY Road Rug Page for examples of many different do-it-yourself approaches.

Learn about the need for knowing how to read a road map, and download a lesson: http://www.homeschoolingkidsmagazine.com/read-a-roadmap-day-april-5th.html

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