Bring Lessons to Life with Stop Motion Video

Stop motion video can be a useful educational tool, says 6th grade teacher Josh Stock. In a SmartBlog on Education Tech Tip post, he offers a step-by-step guide to using video clips:

You only need a handful of items for a successful stop motion video:

  1. A recording device: Most smartphones and tablets with video recording will work.
  2. A stop motion program: I use the free version of iMotion. It’s easy to use right away.
  3. A tripod: This is important because stop motion relies on a camera that doesn’t move.
  4. Something to be in your video: I love to use my magnetic dry erase board as a background. For the characters I attach magnets to the back of superhero pictures. Since it is on a dry erase board I can easily write word bubbles for my characters to speak.

That’s all it takes for quick video clips that will engage and entertain your students. I also allow students to use the same setup to create their own videos to demonstrate knowledge of a concept.

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