11 Resources for Healthier Kids


A friend of mine recently told me that in her home, meals aren’t eaten- they’re negotiated. Her children are some of the pickiest eaters I’ve ever encountered, so keeping them healthy is a challenge. I decided to do a little research to try to help her create a healthier diet for her children and found some awesome resources. I thought you may also find them helpful.

10 Ways to Promote Kids’ Healthy Eating Habits

Gardening at Home with Kids

Boosting the Iron in Your Toddler’s Diet

10 Processed Foods to Never Feed Your Kids

A Family Affair: The Science Behind Creating Culinary Masterpieces with Your Young Chef

Finger-Licking Recipes That Will Sort Out Your Fussy-Eating Toddler

25 Fun and Healthy Snacks for Kids

7 Ways to Help a Picky Eater with Autism

Foods that Help You Sleep

Eating Disorders: What Families Need to Know

Top 10 Ways to Keep Kids’ Teeth Healthy

I hope these are helpful to the parents of picky eaters everywhere!

In good health,

Katybeth Dee

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