Book Adventure is a free, online reading program for children in grades K-12, brought to you by the experts at Sylvan Learning. The website has short quizzes on thousands of books that kids can take to earn points. The harder the book, the more points possible to earn. Redeem the points earned from taking quizzes for the prize of your choice! The site doesn’t have a quiz for every single book, but it has lots of them! (You can also submit your own quiz if they don’t have it.) Within the Parent’s Place, you can monitor your child’s reading progress, track quiz results, approve your child’s prize selection, and help your child find their next book to read. You can even set parameters for what level of books they can test on and/or a time limit. Search through nearly 8,000 books by title, author’s last name, or ISBN, or select your current grade, reading level, and subjects of interest. Find a great book and start your reading adventure today! It’s free!

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