598 Birds

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as if everything is.” ~Albert Einstein

Did you know…? An “ornithologist” is a scientist who studies birds.

Audubon’s Multimedia Birds of America – An online version of John James Audubon’s Birds of America (1840), featuring Audubon’s images and original text descriptions. Bird species can be found listed alphabetically, or categorized by family. Also includes a list of species that have gone extinct since Audubon’s time, as well as a list of State Birds.

Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology – A fantastic website from a world leader in the study, appreciation, and conservation of birds. Click on “All About Birds” for an online bird guide and information on bird feeding. Click on “Education Program” to access an online resources guide for anyone who would like to help children learn more about birds and science. The Cornell Lab helps sponsor The Great Backyard Birdcount, Christmas Birdcount, Project Feeder Watch, and other citizen science initiatives.

From Egg To Chick: A Guide to the Study of Incubation and Embryonic Development. Information to help the individual student or 4-H member investigate incubation and embryonic development.

National Bird-Feeding Society – The ultimate resource for enhancing your wild bird feeding experience. Includes bird guides, Backyard Identification Sheet, Backyard Bird Checklist, Backyard Bird Quiz, activities for children, and activities for educators.

Patuxent Bird Identification InfoCenter – Photographs, songs, videos, identification tips, maps, and life history information for North American birds. Birds are classified by scientific name, or click on the common name to jump to that part of the list.

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