600 Applied Science & Technology

“During my eighty-seven years I have witnessed a whole succession of technological revolutions. But none of them has done away with the need for character in the individual or the ability to think.” ~Bernard M. Baruch

America’s Army (social science, military skills, simulated combat scenarios) – The Official U.S. Army game is free for anyone to download at www.americasarmy.com. Colonel Casey Wardynski, the Game Project Director, envisioned “using computer game technology to provide the public a virtual Soldier experience that was engaging, informative and entertaining.” America’s Army developers licensed the Unreal engine as the foundation for their game. A Boston Globe columnist wrote, “America’s Army isn’t just a time-wasting shoot-’em-up. It’s full of accurate information about military training and tactics, intended to prepare a new generation of potential recruits. Amidst all the shouting drill sergeants and whistling bullets, some real education is going on. America’s Army is a ‘serious game,’ part of a new wave of computer simulations that provide entertaining lessons about real world activities.” [see article] America’s Army also includes an optional combat medical training course that provides information on evaluating and prioritizing casualties, controlling bleeding, recognizing and treating shock, and administering aid when victims are not breathing – all of which is vital knowledge that can be applied to emergency situations in real life.

Audio & Speaker Electronics – A high school course developed by MIT, designed to be fun and interesting for students and to offer them an opportunity to learn about something in which they’re interested. Most high school students never learn much about electronics, and those who do might find it uninteresting without exploring an exciting application like audio/acoustics.

Guitar Building – In this class, students learn about physics principles by examining the physics responsible for producing music with electronic stringed instruments, while building, testing, and playing their own electric guitar. Students will design their own Guitar bodies, construct their own pick-ups, assemble their own guitars, tune them using a chromatic tuner, and use them to play a simple song. While the instructions here give enough detail that an independent learner could construct their own guitar, please note that this activity should only be attempted with proper adult supervision, whether at home or at school. A high school course developed by MIT.

Chernobyl: A Nuclear Disaster – The explosion at the Chernobyl nuclear power station on Saturday, April 26, 1986, was undoubtedly the world’s greatest nuclear accident. This site examines the worldwide impact of this disaster. (Dated 1996.)

Lost City of Chernobyl – Many of the things there stand unchanged since Soviet union times.

Chernobyl: 20 Years Later – Prypiat used to be proud for being home to the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant workers. Its population had been around 50,000 prior to the accident. But something terrible happened on 26 April 1986… Today, the only residents are deer and wolves along with a solitary guard.

Chernobyl: 25 Years Later – The site of the biggest atomic disaster in history remains a grim, radioactive monument.

Fukushima’s Food Fallout – Testing groceries for radiation in Japan.

Greatest Engineering Achievements of the 20th Century – This site from the National Academy of Engineering contains a list of 20 forms of technology that made a great impact on the world during the last century.

HTML Basics – A free online course from the University of Washington. In this OpenUW course, we cover the basic structure of an HTML document, what HTML tags look like, the fundamental document structure, and basic tags found in nearly all HTML documents. Once you have completed this OpenUW course, you should be able to: create simple HTML pages, control font size and color, and link HTML pages together.

IT Training – Interested in IT training? Try a free online course. Topics include: Excel, JavaScript, VisualC#, MySQL, PHP programming, HTML and XHTML basics, Business Management, Customer Service, and Leadership. These are not demos. Each course is a complete 2 to 6 hour online training course!

Inventors Hall of Fame – Look up inventors or their inventions and learn all about the person or the invention!

Plane Builder – Can you build an airplane? A Flash game from National Museums Scotland.

PowerUp (ecology, engineering) – A free, online, multiplayer strategy game that allows students to experience the excitement and the diversity of modern engineering. Players are tasked with exploring the environment and harnessing renewable energy sources as alternatives to burning expendable fossil fuels. Conversations with expert engineer characters and engaging interactive activities, accompanied by textbook-like dialogue about energy efficiency, allow players to learn how engineers design and build systems. The game is marketed as an educational product and encourages teachers and schools to allow students to play it in class (a downloadable teacher’s guide and lessons plans are included), but kids can also play the game at home. Download and play the game for free at www.powerupthegame.org.

So You Want to be a Computer Game Developer? – Enter this site and you will receive inside information on what it takes to be a Computer Game Developer. Computer game development is a high risk, high stress occupation that is not for everybody. A solid background in programming, combined with good writing and communication skills and a natural talent for mathematics and logic are an absolute requirement. The author of this web site does not promise everybody can be a computer game programmer and merely hopes that those who are capable of tackling this challenging occupation will benefit from the tips and resources offered herein. Author and game developer Diana Gruber has been kind enough to share with us what it takes to develop a game and make a living of it. Information like available jobs, details of game development, marketing and post production are presented in such a structured and humorous way.

Tech Books – This site lists free online computer science, engineering, and programming books, textbooks, and lecture notes that you can view, download, and print for your own use at no charge.

Kids Sewing Projects – A website with free information, projects and easy lessons for kids to learn sewing. Once kids get to handle their own sewing machine it is like a whole new world opens up to them. Even young kids can do sewing activities and a 7-8 year old is old enough to learn about sewing on a machine.

Free Sewing Lessons – If you want to learn to sew, start with the free online sewing book. It will teach you the basics in an easy to follow format, with understandable directions and illustrations. Then choose from a large assortment of free sewing lessons: Learn to Quilt, Sewing Tips & Special Techniques, Hand Embroidery, Machine Embroidery, Binding, Hanging Sleeve, and more. They have a special section for Teens & Young Adults with contemporary patterns for clothing, totes, purses, pillows, bags, accessories, even a cell phone case. Free patterns too!

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