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“The natural laws governing the structure of the universe – harmony, proportion, balance, and rhythm – also govern music, dance, painting, poetry; I therefore urge making these art forms a foundation of educational method.” ~Plato

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The following art lessons and links will inspire and instruct.

Art Activities

Aminah’s World – Create your own art inspired by the work of Aminah Brenda Lynn Robinson – using found objects and everyday materials such as buttons, cloth, leather, twigs, shells, etc. These integrated lesson plans support learning outcomes in the arts, social studies, and language arts and can be adapted to elementary, middle, and high school grade levels.

Art and Children – Articles and resources for young artists about drawing, creative activities, arts, crafts, and more.

The Art Room – This virtual art room is meant to be a special place. Within its “walls,” kids are offered opportunities to create, to discover, to imagine, to invent, to learn, and to make their thoughts become things…The art room is designed around the idea of activity centers that encourage kids to create, to learn, and to explore on their own.

Crayola Art – Search lesson plans by category, product, and grade.

Crayon Art – Crayons aren’t just for kids… these crayon masterpieces will inspire the artist in you!

Doodle Studio – A multimedia learning environment… You can explore “Why is the Mona Lisa Smiling?” and take an interactive quiz… Do you know that Da Vinci wrote music? Hear the Original Score … an Internet Exclusive!

Eyes on Art – Online art activities including elements of design, eras of art, and the works of unknown artists. A wonderful site!

Holidays – A colorful collection of printable PDF files for holiday crafts, projects, and activities from Marilyn Scott-Waters, “The Toymaker.” Featured holidays include: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Birthdays, Chanukah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, New Year’s Day, Groundhog Day, Valentine’s Day, Saint Patrick’s Day, Purim, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Easter, Canada Day, Fourth of July, Rosh Hashana, Summertime Fun, and Diwali. In addition, there is a page of simple little gifts for you to make! Marilyn says, “My goal is to help grownups and kids spend time together making things.”

Jan Brett – Free Coloring, Video, and Activities Pages from children’s author/illustrator Jan Brett.

MakeBeliefsComix – Create your own comic strip – it’s easy and fun with this online comic generator! Plus there are over 100 printable cartoons to fill in and color, which encourage kids of all ages to express their creativity through writing, drawing and storytelling. These are a fun, creative educational resource for both language arts and art classes. They also encourage kids and parents to be creative and write, draw, color, and interact together!

Paper Toys! – Here are some free folding paper toys that you can make yourself. Just print them out, cut, glue and enjoy! From the workshop of Marilyn Scott-Waters, “The Toymaker.”

Scribbles Kids Art – Scribbles is a place for children of all ages who love to create art. Here you can learn about different Artists and their artwork. Children can do simple Art Projects and are welcome to enter our Contests. Submit your Art, it could be displayed in one of our 4 Art Galleries. The artwork with the most votes will receive a Blue Ribbon, art related materials and will be showcased at the Hall of Fame. You have a chance to win art supplies by taking a short Art Quiz, solve the Mystery Art, sending us your Scribble or helping us find “Doodle”. Have fun with our interactive Coloring Book or at the Kids Korner you can try art games on line such as Etch-A-Sketch, Kaleidosco and other fun stuff, so do take sometime to check out the rest of this cool art site!

Toy Theater Art – More than a dozen different interactive art activities available for free to anyone with access to the internet. The site is aimed at preschool and primary school age children but is open to people of all ages, even you! Explore shape and color, sculpture, masks, quilts, Japanese prints, animation, doodles and spirals.

Art Curriculum

Art, Design, and Visual Thinking – An online, interactive textbook designed to support an introduction to visual arts and design. It stresses the components of visual thinking and visual language that underlie design and the fine arts. This is an entry level course taken by majors and non-majors, introducing basic design concepts and the idea of visual language. Charlotte Jirousek, author of this online textbook, is an associate professor in the Department of Textiles and Apparel at Cornell University.

Art Instruction – Online fine art instruction in drawing, painting, pastel, charcoal, and lessons in color theory, space and composition. There are now four drawing exercises: Contour Drawing, Mass Drawing, Gesture Drawing, and Mechanics of Drawing; four design lessons; Painting I: Stretch Canvas; Painting II: Materials; and Painting III: Limited Palette Still Life; a Pastel Lesson; and 18 Artist Profiles, as well as a Glossary of Art Terms, descriptions of Modern Art Movements, an art FAQ, and five essays: What Is Art About?, Getting Discouraged, Artmaking I and II, and The Correct Way to Make Art. All of these lessons will remain free to everyone. Additional courses can be accessed for a small fee. Members also have other benefits such as receiving constructive critiques of their work by Nancy Doyle, a professional artist.

The Art Window – Online art instruction for students, teachers and anyone interested in experiencing art at any level of competence. Web pages are curriculum-based with content illustrated by high school student works.

Artistic Pursuits (Art Curriculum for grades 4-12 written for homeschools and independent study.

Artists Helping Children – Drawing lessons for kids – your children can learn how to draw cartoons and other things with these tutorials.

Homeschool Arts – A free visual arts lesson site dedicated to teaching the visual arts to homeschoolers.

Art Lesson Plans/Tutorials

ArtsEdNet – Art lesson plans, curriculum ideas, scope and sequence for all grade levels.

Art Lessons with the Talent Teacher

ArtsEdge – The Kennedy Center’s free digital resource for teaching and learning in, through, and about the arts. Find free arts-based lesson plans, projects and activities integrating art with other subjects. Browse the index by alignment with standards, keyword, grade level, art subject, or other subject.

Artsconnected.org – A searchable data base of educational materials for art teachers.

ArtsNet Minnesota – A joint project of Minnesota art centers and museums, this site contains artworks, biographies, style characteristics, discussion questions, student activities, and lesson plans.

Blick Art Lesson Plans – Geared for a wide variety of age and skill levels, Blick offers hundreds of Lesson Plans designed to meet the National Standards for Visual Art Education. Searchable by grade level and discipline. Includes video lesson plans. All original. All free. Help yourself!

Edu-Orchard.net – Fine Arts lesson plans organized by grade level.

Free Art Lesson Plans – FREE award-winning High School and Middle School ART LESSON PLANS for beginning, intermediate, and advanced students.

Hodgepodge – Advice for beginning with chalk pastels plus links to pastel tutorials.

Hodgepodge – Advice for beginning with acrylic paints plus links to acrylic tutorials.

KinderArt – Award-winning Free Art and Craft Lesson Plans and Activities for All Ages; K-12 lesson plans and resources.

Art Lesson Plans – Art lesson plans for all grade levels from the Lesson Plan Page.

Incredible Art Department Lesson Plans – A large selection of lessons organized by grade level, from early childhood to high school.

National Gallery Art Lesson Plans – Online interactive art lesson units from the National Gallery of Art.

Visual Arts Lesson Plans – This site offers over 30 art lesson plans for a variety of grade levels. See also Art History for 13 additional lesson plans.

Virtual Curriculum: Elementary Art Education – A large collection of lesson plans organized by topic, including elements, principles, historical periods, and world cultures.

Utah Museum of Fine Arts Lesson Plans for Teachers – Art lesson plans organized by topics such as modern art, African art, and ancient Egyptian art.

Color Theory – A middle school lesson plan. For elementary lesson plans on color, see Scheming with Colors and Getting to Know the Color Wheel.

Anthropological Art – Art lessons on topics such as cave art, natural art, and art from around the world.

Explore Art – Online lesson plans and links to other art resources.

Crayola Educators Page – Information about and lesson plans using crayons; use the scroll-down menu to find them.

Art and Architecture WebQuests

A Snowy Day – A lesson plan from the World Artist Directory’s Art Teacher Page. It involves the use of crayons, chalk, and construction paper and is listed for grades K-12.

Fun With Colors on the Internet – A kindergarten lesson plan from The Educator’s Reference Desk.

Art Takes Time – Primary grade art activities that meet the National Standards for the Visual Arts.

Arts Careers – A K-4 unit from Arts Edge using a stations approach to learning about arts careers.

Art Touches the People in Our Lives – A unit for primary level children that focuses on themes of human feelings depicted or expressed in works of art.

Watercolor Butterfly – Lesson plan for grades 1-2.

Form and Texture in Autumn – Another lesson plan for grades 1-2.

American Folk Art – Thematic unit for grades 2-5.

Pro Cartoonists Teacher’s Guide – Teachers’ guide for using the Professional Cartoonists Index. See the index at the side for lesson plans.

A Painter for Mother’s Day: Mary Cassatt – Lesson plan for grades 4-5.

Finishing Sadako’s Cranes – 4th-grade lesson plan on Japanese origami using Eleanor Coerr’s book Sadako and the Thousand Cranes.

Introduction to Mexican Art and Culture Through the “Day of the Dead” – An art activity based on this Mexican holiday celebrated October 31 through November 2.

What are Tessellations? – A three lesson middle school unit utilizing constructivism. See also Visual Patterns in Tessellation and Quilts and Tessellations: A Stitch in Time.

Murals, Memories, and Making Art – Arts Edge unit for grades 5-8.

Color in 3-D: A Nature Design Project – Lesson plan for grades 6-12 in which students create a two-dimensional design using two aspects of Hans Hoffmann’s art.

Van Gogh’s “The Starry Night” – 7th-grade unit study involving discussion and painting.

M.C. Escher – Unit integrating math and the visual arts.

Picasso: The Early Years, 1892-1906: Teachers’ Guide – Lesson plans for middle and high school grades; see also: Online Picasso Project.

Landscape Painting: Artists Who Love the Land – Lesson plans for the middle grades and above from Smithsonian Education.

How to Recognize a Painting – Lesson plan for grades 8-12 in which students learn to identify paintings by specific artists.

Monochromatic Painting – A secondary lesson plan in which students experiment with monochromatic painting and learn about the connection between color and emotion.

What Did They Say? Interpretation of Criticism – Lesson plan for grades 11-12 in which students learn aesthetic qualities and terms of art criticism and then construct a review of a given artwork.

Japan: Images of People – A unit designed to help students understand Japanese painting and culture.

Color Wheel – This unit for grades 9-12 students allows students to explore the mixing of colors.

Experiencing Original Works of an Art Museum – Lesson plans for grades 9-12 from ArtsEdNet.

Interpreting Contemporary Art – A secondary lesson plan from ArtsEdNet.

The Future of Art – Interactive site designed to predict how art will influence our lives in the next hundred years. Through probing past art inspirations and scientific methods, students can use available data to make reasonable forecasts for the future. Solving the site’s quiz will provide access to the Future Art Gallery.

Investigating Prehistoric and Modern Art

The Incredible Art Department – Art lessons, news, links to other arts sites.

Studio Calkboard – This resource for artists and art students focuses on the technical fundamentals of perspective, shading, color and painting.


Ceramics and Pottery Lesson Plans – A Site for Teaching and Learning the Basics of Working with Clay. NOTE: Lesson plans for Units 1 and 2 are FREE. Lesson plan “The Minoan Civilization” of Unit 3 is FREE. All other lesson plans in Units 3-5 must be purchased as part of access to the site.

Skutt Ceramic Products Lesson Plans and Instructional Information – Ceramics lesson plans and information on kilns.

The Artistic Heritage of Clay – A unit for a high school ceramics course with a studio emphasis.


The Drawing Board – Edbydesign lets kids use their creativity to draw and color an online masterpiece. The Tracer allows them to copy Picasso, Frida Kahlo, Vincent van Gogh, and Leonardo Da Vinci. Take a look at Eye Bogglers, a unique collection of visual tricks.

Free Drawing Lessons – Looking for the best free drawing lessons? Well, you’ve come to right place! This site is for beginners to experts. All of these free drawing drawing lessons are taught in an easy to understand, easy to follow format, and most of the drawing lessons include video tutorials.

How to Draw Cartoons – If you’re worried about not having enough artistic “talent,” try some free cartooning lessons. You’ll be drawing and laughing in no time flat!

How to Draw It – Free drawing lessons for kids and adults. Anyone can learn how to draw whether they are talented or not. Drawing is a skill, just like reading or cooking or playing soccer. Sure, some people seem to be born being able to do these things, but the rest of us have to learn. This site breaks it down for you in step by step drawing tutorials.

Learn To Draw – Follow step-by-step figures to draw cute bears, frogs, birds, cats, lions, and lizards. Special lessons focus on drawing eyes and hands. Learn to use grid paper to draw proportional figures. Kids will enjoy the mystery drawing lesson; as they draw each step they’ll try to guess the final result.

Kids Draw – Try these simple steps to drawing a dinosaur, dog, chick, princess, or a leprechaun!

Rainforest Drawing Lessons – Students can create a beautiful mural as they learn to draw foliage, primates, insects, and flowers.

Draw and Color with Uncle Fred – If you can draw a circle, an oval, and other simple shapes, you can draw all kinds of things. Step-by-step instructions for drawing a walrus, a penguin, and more!


Free Painting Lessons – These videos are designed to give you an information-rich demonstration in a quick, easily digestible format. All of these art instruction videos are original and are made with artists of all abilities in mind.

Watercolorpainting.com – Your watercolor painting information source! Learn to paint with these tutorials, both basic and advanced. Try these step-by-step painting guides. Learn all about watercolors, color theory, composition, etc. Review art terminology in this art glossary. Learn about Famous Artists: watercolor masters through the ages. View the works of contemporary artists in the Artist Showcase. Watch step-by-step watercolor demos.

Science Art

Molecular Expressions Photo Gallery – A collection of pictures taken through a microscope. View micro photographs of pesticides, soap bubbles, meteorites, feathers, fatty acids…just about anything can appear as a striking array of intense colors and shapes. Some of the pictures are pretty enough to blow up and hang on your wall!

Earth As Art: A Landsat Perspective – This exhibition showcases Landsat 7 images, from the collection of Landsat photographs held in the Geography and Map Division, which have been selected for aesthetic rather than scientific value. These images are actual pictures of the Earth, created by printing visible and infrared data in colors visible to the human eye. Band combinations and colors were chosen to optimize their dramatic appearance.

Paper Models of Polyhedra – Polyhedra are beautiful 3-D geometrical figures that have fascinated philosophers, mathematicians, and artists for millennia. On this site are a few hundred paper models available for free!

Computer Art

Computer Art Lessons Using the “Paint” Program that Comes With Windows – Lessons include: The Sweep, Op Art Design, Positive-Negative Design, Creative Name Design, Quilt Designs, Tessellation, Symmetry, Calligraphy, and more. This site will draw the reader’s attention from the way in which it is colorfully designed. The work posted here is uniformly high quality and worth viewing. One may also find idea handouts and student work.

Digital Art Lessons – Free video tutorials on how to use Adobe Photoshop, Flash, and Illustrator. These programs aren’t hard, they just require understanding and practice. These video art lessons will give you the information, and then the practice is up to you!

Artist Biographies and Works

Artcyclopedia – An excellent source of information and resources about more than 8,000 famous painters, sculptors, and photographers from art museum sites and image archives worldwide; plus true-size MasterScans – see artworks at their actual size! Browse artists by name, medium, nationality, women artists, and art movements.

Famous Paintings for Students – Read the story about the artist and the painting, study the view of the painting, explore the links in the box, print the study sheet and answer the questions.

Exploring Leonardo – Learn all about Leonardo DaVinci; his art, inventions and science experiments.

Famous Paintings Art Appreciation Lessons for Kids – These studies of Famous Paintings were written on an elementary level, but will be of interest to all ages. They will help students become familiar with and learn to appreciate the works of famous artists. For each lesson you will find a biography of the artist, a study sheet, a worksheet, a grayscale print of the picture, a jigsaw puzzle, a printable and online crossword puzzle, word search, and word scramble, links for further research, and links to art lessons for many of the artists.

Online Picasso Project – His life, works, etc.

Watercolorpainting.com – Learn about Famous Artists: watercolor masters through the ages. The Famous Artists listed here include artists of a wide range of watercolor painting styles.

Web Gallery of Art – Great index of artworks with bios of the artist and information about the paintings; if you have a good color printer you can print these pictures for your own “Child-sized” materpieces.

World Artist Directory – This comprehensive site features artist forums, world art news, a portfolio gallery, and search engine – look for a specific artist, art form, or topic – plus a special section for kids.

World Wide Arts Resources – Research over 200,000 works by over 22,000 masters in the in-depth art history section. Discover over 100,000 works of contemporary art. Search by medium, subject matter, price and theme. Parental discretion is advised.

Art History

Art History Videos – Spontaneous conversations about works of art where the speakers are not afraid to disagree with each other or art history orthodoxy. Videos are made by Dr. Beth Harris and Dr. Steven Zucker along with other contributors.

Art of the Western World – A video instructional series on art history for college and high school classrooms and adult learners; 9 one-hour video programs and coordinated books. Magnificent masterpieces of the Western world are presented in their cultural and historical settings. From the restrained classical tradition to energetic and spontaneous modern art, each artistic movement is interpreted through its major paintings, sculptures, and works of architecture. Comments from internationally known art experts and critics assist in understanding and appreciation of the works. This series is also valuable for teachers seeking to review the subject matter. Produced by WNET/New York (major producer). 1989.

A Pintura: Art Detective – Online Adventures in Art History. Great site!

Inside Art – An adventure in art history; learn about paintings by going inside them!

World Art Treasures – Explore art treasures from around the world.

Art History Resources on the Web – Art history from the prehistoric to the present.

Art History for Kids – Online art history activities.

Art Galleries

American Art Virtual Classroom – Take a Virtual Field Trip, from thirty minutes up to one hour, via online session or videoconference, where museum docents will engage students in exploring the country’s history and culture through looking at important works of art from our collections. Virtual Field Trips can be tailored to meet curricular needs, or you can select one of the ten standard trips ranging in theme from Western Migration to the Modern Era. Targeted to specific grade levels, themes cross the curriculum and link to national education standards.

Virtual Library of Museums – Listings of museums from all around the world: art galleries, exhibits, children’s exhibits, planetariums, and more!

The Artchive – Online galleries and exhibitions; more than 2,000 images from over 200 different artists.

National Gallery of Art – Choose a tour by artist, school or medium and explore the National Gallery’s collections of painting, sculpture, works on paper, photographs, and decorative arts.

Le Grand Louvre – One of the most famous museums in the world – learn about its history, collections, and take a virtual tour.

Smithsonian American Art Museum – See their online exhibits.

Image Galleries & Exhibitions – Search by artist, title, and date; browse galleries, Getty exhibitions, and student art.

Web Gallery of Art – A virtual museum and searchable database of European painting and sculpture of the 12th-18th centuries.

Art Museum Links – See the left-side menu for links to sites on styles of art, famous artists, and art by kids.


Artcyclopedia – The guide to great art online. Browse art by: Artist’s Name, Medium, Subject, Title, Nationality, Women Artists, Art Movements, and Art Museums.

Words of Art – Online dictionary of art terminology.

Reformation of the Arts & Music: an Exploration of the Arts, Music, and the Christian Worldview – Includes art, music, architecture, poetry, literature and cinema. This site brings to mind the following verse: “Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.” ~Philippians 4:8

Art & Music

Art & Music – This site provides links for students, teachers and anyone else interested in the visual arts. Includes links for studying art, making art, art history, artist biographies, art galleries, architecture, study skills, essay writing, & typing. Select music from the period you are studying and play it in the background. Plus, you can link to the Classical Music Archives where you can learn about the great composers.


Bach Organ Works – This website offers free downloads of the complete extant organ works of Johann Sebastian Bach, recorded by Dr. James Kibbie from 2007 to 2009 on original baroque organs in Germany.

Classical Music Archives – The largest classical music site on the web also includes the largest collection of free classical music MIDI files. Check out all of the “Must-Know/Must-Have” Works (can be filtered by period/genre or composer).

Sound Reasoning – This is a web-based, introductory music appreciation course with built-in “listening galleries” and an interactive online workbook.

World Music Composer – Compose a piece of music using instruments from around the world, courtesy of National Museums Scotland.

Music Education

Berklee College of Music – Berklee College of Music offers free music lessons that you can download, watch, and share with your friends and fellow musicians. Browse by topic and instrument.

Making Music Fun – This music education website from a Christian certified music teacher (Andy Fling of Wave Music Studio) contains colorful and engaging FREE resources to enrich the elementary student’s music-making experience. Learn music theory from an adorable cast of characters with Oliver the Octopus arcade games and enjoy the printable music worksheets, manuscript paper, and award certificates. Search the blog for posts that are full of practical and fun ideas designed just for homeschooling families! You can also sign up for the mailing list so you won’t miss anything!

MusicLearningWorkshop.com – Here you will find an ever expanding range of music learning, music theory topics and lessons starting with a mini course on the Master Staff or a workbook to quickly and easily learn the note names and keys on a piano.

About.Com – Guide to Music Education – Music is all around us; it touches everyone regardless of culture and age. Espie Estrella guides you through various topics relating to music, from music history to types of musical instruments and other relevant subjects.

The Music Teachers Blog – Free Music Education resources for Music Teachers.

GuitarPlayerU.com – Free Video Guitar Lessons – Choose Your Level/Choose Your Style!

Piano Pedagogy Plus – Music games, quizzes, music reviews, book reviews, technology reviews and more!

Be a Successful Songwriter – SongwritingGuide.com – A professional songwriter shares his experiences. Articles and techniques to help you become a successful songwriter. It also shows you how you can earn money from your songwriting.

Exploring the World of Music – A video instructional series on the essentials of music theory and culture; 12 half-hour video programs, audiocassettes, CDs, and coordinated books for college and high school classrooms and adult learners. Gain an understanding of the basic elements of music with this series, an introduction to music with a global perspective. Exploring the World of Music shows how elements such as melody, rhythm, and texture create an infinite variety of sounds and serve as expressions of culture. Through rare archival footage and contemporary performances, the series presents themes such as music and the environment, music as cultural memory, and how technology changes music. The featured artists perform music from around the world, including American jazz, gospel, and rock, and traditional music from Bosnia, the Caribbean, India, Ireland, Japan, and West Africa. This series is also valuable for teachers seeking to review the subject matter. Produced by Pacific Street Films and the Educational Film Center. 1999.

Free Sheet Music – FindFreeSheetMusic.com – Find free sheet music downloads, lessons, tips, and articles; many instruments, many musical genres.

MusicPeeps.com – National database of private music teachers. Students looking for teachers can search the directory for teachers in their area free of charge.

Discount Musical Instruments – Soaap Music – Soaap Music has a large collection of musical instruments for beginners, students, music teachers, musicians, professional players, and bands. Our mission is to offer the biggest and best selection of musical instruments for customers to Shop Online at Affordable Price!

Dancing Dots – Serving blind musicians and their educators through technology and training.

History of Jazz: New Orleans – A free online course from the University of Washington. Jazz is a uniquely American art form, a musical style that has had far-reaching influences on established musical cultures throughout the world. This course will give you a historical background of jazz music and musicians, as well as insights into the social and sometimes political ramifications of a forced collision of two diverse musical cultures. You’ll also learn of the contributions made by pioneering African-American artists in the world music arena. While today jazz is performed all over the world by musicians of all ethnic considerations, the music, as you will learn, was for the most part created by talented black musicians who overcame staggering racial and social inequities throughout American history.

Music Theory – This course introduces the basic concepts and terms needed to discuss melody and harmony. It is intended for teens or adults with no background in music theory but some familiarity with reading common notation and playing an instrument (or singing). Concepts covered include interval, major and minor keys and scales, triads and chords.

Toy Theater Music – Interactive music activities available for free to anyone with access to the internet. The site is aimed at preschool and primary school age children but is open to people of all ages, even you! Compose your own melodies, create your own piano tune, create your own music masterpiece, or create a drumming frenzy!

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