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“An intimacy with the earth’s surface, region by region…should enable the map of any region to unfold a panorama of delight, disclosing not only mountains, rivers, frontiers, the great features we know as “Geography,” but associations, occupations, some parts of the past and much of the present, of every part of this beautiful earth.” ~Charlotte Mason

The following websites provide informative detailed geographical information for the United States and the world, offer access to printable outline maps, allow you to practice placing or naming all 50 states, and include geography games the kids will love. It can be fun to do your own Unit Studies on various countries of your choice using encyclopedias, library books, maps, postcards, magazines, cookbooks, DVDs, etc.


Google Earth (If your kids like playing SimCity, they will love this real-life application. In fact, the whole family will find it fascinating! It’s a terrific opportunity to study geography and learn about the world. Where else can you inspect whole continents and then pinpoint exactly where you are in relation to it all! Exploring the world in this way really shows the interconnectedness of everything. Read my complete review here: http://www.knowledgehouse.info/njfk/geography.html.)

Geography Standards (Brief descriptions of 18 National Geography Standards.)

Helping Your Child Learn Geography (A publication of the USGS and Department of Education that you can download.)

Geographic.org (Students, teachers, parents and children can have fun learning about geography right here.)

FactMonster Geography Guide (Facts, statistics, and basic information on U.S. and World geography; includes maps and features, quizzes and crosswords.)

Geography Theme Unit (Reading comprehension, vocabulary, printables, puzzles, and more.)

GeoTeacher (Country Studies.)

National Geographic Society

National Geographic for Teachers (Educational materials, teacher-tested products, lesson plans, and more.)

National Geographic for Kids

Maps and Geography, from National Geographic

Geography Hotlist (A list of geography links from the Franklin Institute Online.)


World Geography – The content available on the Georgia Department of Education’s Shared Resources Website is available for anyone to view. Courses are divided into modules and are aligned with the Georgia Performance Standards. High School.

United Nations Cyber School Bus (Global teaching and learning project.)

Country Reports (Country information from around the world on over 260 countries!)

Country Studies (The Library of Congress Country Studies Series presents a description and analysis of the historical setting and the social, economic, political, and national security systems and institutions of countries throughout the world. Focusing primarily on lesser-known areas of the world, 101 countries and regions are covered.)

Lonely Planet Destinations (A colorful world map gives instant access to informative country profiles and travel tips.)

Geographia (Culture and history guide to world travel destinations in Europe, Asia, Africa, the Caribbean, and Latin America.)

UNESCO World Heritage Sites – A UNESCO World Heritage Site is a place which is listed as being of special cultural, physical or spiritual significance. These sites can include forests, mountains, lakes, deserts, monuments, buildings or cities. There are currently 936 sites in the world.

World Wise Schools Lesson Plans (Peace Corps information on countries and cultures organized by grade range, topic, geographic region, and publication title.)

Where in the World is. . .? (In this geography activity from the Peace Corps, students move themselves around a world map using lines of latitude and longitude. In doing so, students will learn the location of eleven countries around the world where Peace Corps Volunteers are serving.)

Wikijunior Europe – Wikijunior Europe is a book for kids ages 8-12 about the countries of Europe. This book will give you the basic facts about each country, its people, its geography and its history and other useful facts.

Wikijunior South America – Wikijunior South America is a book for kids ages 8-12 about the countries of South America. This book will give you the basic facts about each country, its people, its geography and its history and other useful facts.

Wikipedia List of Countries (Click on a country for a full page of facts and photos. Contents include: history, geography, government, economics, culture, flag, etc.)

World Atlas Countries of the World (Includes a helpful list of Countries by Continent.)

United States

National Atlas of the United States (You’ve found the single best Federal source for national maps and geographic information on the Web. The people and places of the United States are here. Visualize and understand complex demographic, economic, social, political, and historical relationships between environments, places, and people. Covers the topics of agriculture, biology, boundaries, climate, environment, geology, government, history, mapping, people, transportation, and water as they relate to American life. Learn about topics that interest you, play with interactive maps, print pre-formatted maps on a variety of topics, customize your own map, order larger wall maps. Includes data for mapping professionals.)

Explore the States (The story of each state, from America’s library.)

U.S. Geographical Survey

Pigskin Geography (Pigskin Geography combines football action with a variety of teaching aids to get your classes off the bench and into the game! Pigskin Geography is a 17-week program that motivates students to learn United States geography by tracking the travels of competing professional football teams with the NFL schedule supplied with this program. Students do not need to know the rules of football to enjoy this educational challenge. There is a new question daily through the football season.)

Stately Knowledge (These web pages from the Internet Public Library will help you find out the basic facts of any state in the Union, including Washington D.C.)

Fifty States (Everything you need to know for a 5th-grade report on any of the states in the USA. Includes state facts, flags, birds, songs, and additional study tools; plus commonwealths and territories. Click here for a United States and Capitals Map.)

State Reports (Choose your state from the map and start gathering all the information and images you need to make an A+ state report project.)

FactFinder Kids’ Corner (Welcome to the Kids’ Corner of the U.S. Census Bureau. Learn about the census, get facts about your state, and have fun with quiz questions.)

United States Geography (Miscellaneous geography facts from Infoplease.)

State Unit Studies

Homeschool Geography Projects (From Mrs. Patricia Sepp, Home Educator and Teacher-Consultant, Arizona Geographic Alliance.)

Maps & References

Children’s Interfact Reference Atlas

World Atlas (An atlas of maps, flags, geography facts and more, on almost every destination on the planet!)

World Flags (Click on a region to see the flags from those countries.)

Color Landform Atlas of the United States

Eduplace Outline Maps

Blank Outline Maps (Free Blank Outline Maps of the Countries and Continents of the World.)

American Historical Maps (American Memories Historical Map collection 1544-2004, from the Geography and Map Division of the Library of Congress.)

How Far Is It? (Courtesy of Indo.com, this service uses data from the US Census and a supplementary list of cities around the world to find the latitude and longitude of two places, and then calculates the distance between them. It also provides a map showing the two places.)

The Colorful Mathematics of Maps

Maps, Flags and Timelines

Xpeditions Atlas (Maps Made for Printing and Copying, from National Geographic.)

Odden’s Bookmarks (The Fascinating World of Maps and Mapping. Oddens’ bookmarks was started in 1995 by Roelof Oddens, the curator of the map Library of the Faculty of GeoSciences, Universiteit Utrecht. As an extra service for visitors of the map library he started collecting links about maps and mapping on the internet, at that point in time an emerging source of information. What started out as 1995 as 13 pages (categories) with about a dozen links each had grown in 1999 to over 6500 links, still divided over about 15 pages, some containing over 700 links. The links were ordered by country, so searching on subject was virtually impossible. In September 1999 the separate pages were converted and placed in a database, which made it possible to search on subject, country, category or a combination of these. Using a database also made adding links much easier than it had been before. As a result of this the number of links in the database has grown from 6500 in 1999 to over 22000 in April 2004.)

Puzzles of the Earth (A comprehensive website dedicated to teaching the theory of Plate Tectonics which is responsible for many of the geographical features and events found in our lives. From ThinkQuest.)

Wide World of Maps
(Huge selection of maps, globes, geography-related books & games. Shop online for Atlases, Books, Software, Folding Maps, Wall Maps, Notebook Maps, Topographic Maps, Globes, Compasses, GPS Units, Optics, Charts, Posters, and more. They also have three Map Center and Gallery stores in the Phoenix Metropolitan area stocked with the latest in printed and electronic maps, navigational tools, travel and outdoor recreation publications, globes, decorative map products and a wide variety of related items.)

Calgary – AB – Global Air Photos Aerial Photos
Yahoo! — Maps

GeoCommunity – The Source for GIS Data, News, Software, Discussion & Fun

ArcData Online: ESRI’s Internet Mapping and Data Site
Maptech USGS Topo Maps
Census TMS Home Page
PCL Map Collection
Maps On Us: A Map, Route and Yellow Pages Service
MapQuest! Welcome!
Vicinity Corporation’s MapBlast!

NGS Map Machine

Welcome to TerraServer

Map Reading Skills

Lesson Plans

Xpeditions Geography Lesson Plans

Activities, Games & Quizzes

U.S. Geography (On-line activities for learning United States geography. May not work in all browsers.)

People, Places, and Change: A Geographer’s World (GeoTreks Activities for middle school students from Holt, Reinhart and Winston. Learn to use online maps, find out what it’s like to be a geographer, compare regions around the world, and quiz yourself on what you have learned.)

U.S. States and Capitals Map Puzzle (Geography is spatial – so why not learn it spatially? Reading that Virginia is north of (“on top of”) North Carolina does not stick in the mind very well. Seeing a picture is better, and moving the states around on a map is better still. It is easier to remember and more meaningful. Give your child a picture of the world that she will always have in her mind. Learn the geography of the United States with a free downloadable map puzzle of states and capitals. It works just like a wooden map puzzle, except you can’t lose the pieces. From history books to the nightly news, or the Net, your child will know the WHERE of important events. Put in the states with the state borders shown on the background to learn quickly. Then try it without the state borders to test your knowledge. Learn the capitals. Play for your fastest time or just for fun!)

Place the State (Drag and drop the states into their correct places.)

Where in the World? (A game that’s also a geography lesson.)

Geo-Globe (Interactive Geography Lesson from ThinkQuest. This site has sounds!)

Graphic Maps Geography Quiz (Until solved, a new clue is added each weekday morning by 8:00am CST. A $100 cash prize is paid to the person who submits the first correct answer, and anyone worldwide can participate, but the questions are DIFFICULT!)

GeoBee Central (This site was created by former participants of the National Geographic Bee, to help you learn geography and prepare for the Bee.)

Test Your Geography Knowledge (Point-and-click map-based geography quizzes.)

Geography World (Games, Puzzles, Quizzes and Trivia on many different geography topics.)

GeoNet (Geography Game from Houghton Mifflin. Choose the United States or the World.)

Name That State (Take this test and see if you can pass the third grade!)

Geography Puzzles (John Potter provides a word search puzzle for world cities, world countries, the USA, U.S. capitols, and every state in the Union.)

USA Web Games (Learn the locations, capitals, abbreviations and over 500 important facts about our 50 states. The newer games include speech and blurbs to make learning even more fun! Choose from USA Geography Games, USA Capitals Games, or Older Games. The games are divided into levels such as beginner, intermediate, advanced, and expert.)

Vector Kids: State Capitals (Select a state and choose the corresponding capital.)

USA Geography Quiz (Test your knowledge of state abbreviations, state capitals, and state locations.)

Do You Know Your State Flags? (Boys Scouts of America quiz showing a state flag. You select a state and check to see if your answer is right.)

U.S. State Capitals (Learn the state capitals by playing Concentration, Matching, Flashcards, or Word Search.)

States and Capitals of The United States (Guess the states and guess the capitals in these interactive quizzes.)

United States Geography Tutor (Learn the states of the USA in this free download. Includes a study mode and two types of quiz to test your knowledge. Also available on CD-ROM along with European Geography Tutor and African Geography Tutor.)

World Geography Tutor (Master world geography with this educational quiz tool. Available as a download or on CD-ROM as part of a Learning Fun games package.)

Where Is That? (The game where your mind is your map! Pick the maps and difficulty level you wish to play and click “Show Me the Maps” to begin. There is also a two player version.)

National Geographic Xpeditions (Aligned to national geography standards, Xpeditions activities offer younger and older Xpeditioners the opportunity to use geography to complete a variety of missions. Parents, teachers, and friends can lend a hand. Xpeditioners are encouraged to use the “X-tras”—maps, games, stories, Web sites, and interactive features—to complete the tasks.)

GeoSpy (A National Geographic game for kids to identify continents, countries, states and provinces – plus other great games.)

National Geographic Bee (Official site with sample questions and a GeoBee Challenge quiz game.)


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