937 Ancient Rome

“We learn not in the school, but in life.” ~Seneca

This page contains websites, books, software, and other resources that will help you teach this subject and have fun with it as well.

Middle School

A collection of Ancient Rome learning links, based on state standards for Middle School students in Grade 6-7.

Ancient Rome

Roman Government

Ancient Rome Projects

Roman Daily Life

Roman Science

Roman Economy

Roman Architecture

Roman Art

Roman Games

Roman Literature

Roman Religion

The Fall of Rome and The Rise of Christianity

The Fall of Rome Projects

Roman Town: The Premiere Archaeology Computer Game (archaeology, ancient history) – This unique and innovative educational computer game lets you experience archaeology in a hands-on, interactive way that brings history to life. Created by a professional archaeologist and teacher, Roman Town lets you be an archaeologist and manage a team of diggers at a realistic excavation site. Experience the thrill of uncovering priceless artifacts such as pottery, bones, and coins. Exercise your problem solving and analytical thinking skills with fun puzzles and mini-games as you analyze valuable artifacts. Walk through Roman buildings in the ancient 3D-rendered town of Fossura, destroyed in 79 AD by the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius. Solve mysteries from the past and discover the details of daily life centuries ago. Players are presented with authentic and accurate information about Roman history and the process of archeology while practicing their reading comprehension and building their vocabulary. You’ll even learn some Latin! A teacher’s manual is available at http://www.dig-itgames.com for those who are interested in using the game in a classroom or homeschool setting.

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