940 Medieval Europe & the Renaissance

“You cannot understand most of the great literature of our civilization if you are not familiar with the Bible and with Shakespeare.” ~Author Unknown

A collection of learning links about Medieval Europe and the Renaissance, based on state standards. Recommended for Middle School students in Grade 6-7.

Medieval Europe

Medieval Europe Projects


Renaissance Projects

Additional Links

Journey through the Renaissance – Discover what the Renaissance was all about in this animated journey! Teachers can go to to Scholars section and learn how to use the site. The Activities section provides a variety of student activities from quizzes to crosswords. Students and information seekers can go to the Resources section and download all the images, sounds, and music used on the site. You will also find references to sites, books, and multimedia, where you can find out more about the Renaissance. An Essay section contains all information on the site written in semi-essay form. You are also able to download this and make as many changes as you like.

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