Sep 14

Satellites & Stargazing

Above is a depiction of the trackable objects in Low Earth Orbit (LEO is the fuzzy cloud around Earth), Geostationary Earth Orbit (GEO is farther out, approximately 22,240 miles above Earth), and all points in between. Image Credit: ESA

Countries and commercial ventures have been putting spacecraft in orbit since the late 1950s. There are now more than 35,000 satellites in orbit around the Earth. So what happens to them when they no longer work? Find out at NASA Space Place: Where do old satellites go when they die?

People have always been fascinated by the stars and the heavens. You do not have to work at NASA to get a close-up look at the planets and stars. You can be your own astronomer and your own scientist, all from the comfort of your own home or backyard. Be An Astronomer Right From Your Window.

If you go out and carefully study the sky near dusk or dawn, and you have relatively dark clear skies, the odds are that you should not have to wait more than 15 minutes before you see a satellite. What is going to fly over your area in the nights ahead? Will it be a spy satellite, the International Space Station, or the Hubble Space Telescope? Enter your zip code at Satellite Flybys and find out.

Spot the Space Station will give you a list of upcoming ISS sighting opportunities for over 6,700 locations worldwide. If your specific city or town isn’t listed, pick one that is fairly close to you. The space station is visible for at least a 50 mile radius around each of the listed locations.

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Sep 12

Homeschooling Teen – September 2016

The September issue of Homeschooling Teen magazine is online. Read all of these articles and more at!


Manny Mechanix

Meet 13-year-old Manny and learn about all his cool projects!


Ivy Tech Community College

Homeschool students can easily take classes at Ivy Tech.


Deeper Assessment of Homeschooling Teens

This article will take you through the benefits of homeschooling teens.


Film as Literature

An elective course that studies film as a literary form.


The Best Colleges: 2017 Edition

Celebrating 25 years of helping students select the best colleges!


The 50 Best Careers for Introverts

Are you an introvert? Here are 50 of the best careers for you!


Political Ideology Today, by Ian Adams

This book is like the encyclopedia of ideology.


START: Punch Fear in The Face, Escape Average, Do Work That Matters, by Jon Acuff

The author says there are only two paths in life: average and awesome.


My Summer

The story of how I got over my fear of horses!


We Bought a Zoo

A father moves his young family to the countryside to renovate and re-open a dilapitated zoo.


Coding Video

In this video, Manny tells about his favorite books and websites for teens and homeschoolers learning to code.


Stay Safe While Playing Pokemon Go

A guide to teach people about staying safe while playing Pokemon Go.


Hatchet, by Gary Paulsen

Zach, a 13-year-old homeschooler, reviews movies, books, and video games.



Zoe shares one of her pictures with a description of the subject, the story behind it, and the artistic process that went into it.



Combining neuroscience with big data, Pymetrics aims to match candidates to jobs and companies where they’ll perform at the highest levels.


Snap Circuits SC-750R Student Electronics Training Program

Snap Circuits SC-750R is an award-winning program for learning and building electronics projects.


A Guide to Overcoming Procrastination

Stop procrastinating! Study these tips and tactics for overcoming procrastination.


Read all of these articles online at!

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Sep 08

Short Film Competition for SC High School Students

The Columbia Jewish Film Festival is seeking student filmmakers with diverse backgrounds and experiences to create a short film with the theme “Identity: It’s All About Me!” The short film competition is for high school students (grades 9-12) who are currently living in South Carolina. Last year’s winner was homeschooled. Filmmakers do not have to be Jewish to submit an entry. Cash prizes will be awarded for 1st-3rd place. The deadline is midnight October 1, 2016.

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Aug 25

Could Your Students Use Some Writing Tools?

Start the school year off right with these tutorials and free printables!

Your students have to come up with a paragraph or an essay, but they do not know where to begin. They do not know where to get ideas, how to formulate a plan, how to narrow down their topic, how to organize their ideas, how to write a credible paragraph, and so on. Does this sound familiar? Let’s help them!

Use the link below for a bundle of 11 complete tutorials for your 5th – 12th graders. Many of these links contain free worksheets to download.

Equip your students with the writing tools they need to be successful this year!

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Aug 24

Homeschooling Teen Magazine – August 2016

The August issue of Homeschooling Teen magazine is online. Read all of these articles and more at!


Tialla Rising: Homeschool Graduate & Published Author

Tialla Rising is a Christian fiction writer who was homeschooled through high school.


Ten Reasons for Homeschooling High School

Here are ten reasons why you should be homeschooling high school.


Audio & Speaker Electronics

Build your own speakers while learning the fundamentals of electronics and acoustics.


Germanna Community College

Germanna Community College in Virginia has accepted homeschoolers as young as age 14.


Ten College Dorm Room Essentials

Check out our list of unique and useful dorm room essentials for college bound students.


Homeschool to College: Registration for College

Nick tells about his experience transitioning from homeschool to college.


The Best Safety Tips for Teens and Their Parents

Teen safety tips for the summer months and beyond.


Teen Tracking Apps: Should Parents Spy on Their Teens?

Hey teens, do you think parents have a right to use tracking apps and spy on you?


A Discussion of a Logical Holy Book: Part 1

Alifia shares what she has learned from her study of the Koran.


The Little House Series

Although Laura attended several different one-room schoolhouses, she was also often taught at home by her mother.


Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is an open-ended country-life role-playing game.


Top 20 Time Travel Movies & More

Here is a list of time travel movies, animes, and TV shows.


STEM Supplies for Back to School

Specialized items you will need for studying science, technology, engineering, and math.


Careers in Physical Therapy

If you like the idea of doing hands-on healthcare work, you should consider a career in physical therapy.


Soft Skills for the Modern Workplace

Soft skills include the 4 C’s: communication, creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration.


Read all of these articles online at!

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Aug 23

Free Admission to National Parks on August 25-28

NPS-Centennial2The National Park Service is going to be 100 years old on August 25th and you’re invited to its centennial celebration!

You and your family can commemorate the park service’s birthday by visiting one or more of our country’s national parks from August 25 through August 28. Park admission is waived at all national parks on all four days! With a national park in all 50 states, it’s easy to find a national park near you.

President Woodrow Wilson signed the act creating the National Park Service on August 25, 1916. At that time, there were just 35 national parks and monuments. Now the National Park System has 412 parks covering more than 84 million acres.

Besides the free park admission, there are lots of special events planned for the National Park Service’s centennial celebration at parks across the country. Check with your nearest national park to see what events they have scheduled.

You can also take advantage of entrance-fee-free park days on September 24, National Public Lands Day; and November 11, Veterans Day. In addition, the National Park Service traditionally waives admission on Martin Luther King Jr. Day and during National Park Week in April.

All fourth-grade students in the U.S. can get a free annual pass for all national parks through the Every Kid in a Park program. The free pass is good for fourth-graders and their families. Current students can get their fourth-grade passes starting September 1.

Did You Know…? It’s not commonly known that only about a third of the 400-plus properties within the National Park system charge an entrance fee. The vast majority of National Parks do not charge any entrance fee at all. So they are free all the time!

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Jul 21

11 Resources for Healthier Kids


A friend of mine recently told me that in her home, meals aren’t eaten- they’re negotiated. Her children are some of the pickiest eaters I’ve ever encountered, so keeping them healthy is a challenge. I decided to do a little research to try to help her create a healthier diet for her children and found some awesome resources. I thought you may also find them helpful.

10 Ways to Promote Kids’ Healthy Eating Habits

Gardening at Home with Kids

Boosting the Iron in Your Toddler’s Diet

10 Processed Foods to Never Feed Your Kids

A Family Affair: The Science Behind Creating Culinary Masterpieces with Your Young Chef

Finger-Licking Recipes That Will Sort Out Your Fussy-Eating Toddler

25 Fun and Healthy Snacks for Kids

7 Ways to Help a Picky Eater with Autism

Foods that Help You Sleep

Eating Disorders: What Families Need to Know

Top 10 Ways to Keep Kids’ Teeth Healthy

I hope these are helpful to the parents of picky eaters everywhere!

In good health,

Katybeth Dee

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Jul 20

Over $230 in FREE Curriculum for Your Homeschool!

Homeschool Giveaways is having their annual Back to School Freebies right now! This is the biggest freebie event they have ever put together. You will get over $230 in FREE curriculum (no purchase necessary.) Click here to get all of this for free now, or scroll for a bit more info first. But HURRY, free downloads expire July 23!

Publishers Participating: Master Books, Knowledge Quest, Barefoot Ragamuffin Curricula, Not Consumed, Intoxicated on Life, Unit Studies by Amanda Bennett, Writing with Sharon Watson, Geography Matters, Online Unit Studies, Analytical Grammar, and Home School Adventure Co.

Check out what you get:

For more information on each product and to get a FREE copy of your own, click here! HURRY, free downloads expire July 23!


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Jul 19

Indians of Arkansas

The comprehensive Indians of Arkansas website presented by the Arkansas Archeological Survey covers the First Encounters era to the entire sweep of Indian history pertaining to Arkansas and the Mid-South.

A primary goal of the project is to help students answer the question: How does one derive from the archeological and historical record an understanding of what happened in the past? Interactive learning exercises and writing prompts engage students in the process of learning, thereby enhancing critical thinking skills.

The learning exercises are presented in three levels of difficulty: Beginner (middle school level), Intermediate (high school level), and Advanced (college level). Most of the writing prompts are written for high school or college students, although some may be suitable as written or in modified form for younger students.

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